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We're off to Düsseldorf for a one-off performance of I LOVE YOU, GOODBYE (The Digital Detox Edition) on 23.05. Swit…
4 days 7 hours ago
I Love You, Goodbye (The Brexit Edition) - listen to Johanna and Simon talking about it on SWR2
8 weeks 17 hours ago
I Love You, Goodbye (The Brexit Edition) -
9 weeks 4 hours ago
We had a good chat about Brexit and our project 'I Love You, Goodbye' with Susanne Burkhardt for Rang 1
9 weeks 3 days ago
As Brexit day approaches, so does our artistic response: "I Love You, Goodbye (The Brexit Edition)" 29 March 2019…
12 weeks 6 days ago
C'etait un plaisir de jouer Kitchen: further performances 07 and 08.02
15 weeks 8 hours ago