Sales assistants from heaven descend on a furniture shop

Welcome! Come on in! 

There are hundreds of excited young sofas and tables inside waiting to meet their new families.
Where: A furniture shop in Broadmarsh shopping centre, Nottingham.
Who: 6 Heaven sent shop assistants
How Long: Opening hours every Saturday for a month.
Installed  in a furniture shop, Gob Squad¹s heaven-sent sales assistants work alongside the regular staff during normal open hours. Gently subverting the mundane atmosphere of the shop, Gob Squad transform the place into a shoppers paradise, where the customer is always right, window dressing becomes the highest form of art and shopping becomes a feeling.
Soothing music and voice-overs are piped through the tannoy.
"Staff" demonstrate the furniture, promoting its infinite life enhancing qualities to shoppers and audience as the store momentarily becomes a musical set, a furniture paradise, where a purchase and a promise come
2 for 1.
An Effortless Transaction is hard sell taken to an extreme, an overdose of Sugary pink perfection that leaves the shopper wondering what they really wanted in the first place.
Photo: Simon Cunningham