Tomas Zierhofer-Kin, Artistic Director of Austria's Donaufestival, writes about the Berlin premiere of Gob Squad’s Kitchen

Last Saturday [31st March 2007], donaufestival’s coproduction Gob Squad’s Kitchen (You’ve Never Had It So Good) saw the light of day at the hopelessly sold out Volksbühne im Prater in Berlin. Within 110 minutes we get to know everything about Andy Warhol, the Wild ‘60s and ‘70s, about myths, popular culture and stars (which we all are ourselves) and: above all, we are introduced to a new cult beverage: Taffee! You pour coffee into a mug that holds a tea bag. Try it out, go there, a performance experience!
The American creator of strangely wavering "sound carpets", Morton Feldman, once set his own work apart from that of some of his companions with the following words: "At the beginning I have nothing and in the end I have everything." The idea to sort of start out improvisatory with minimal and as such insignificant material and to interweave it into a magical net that ascends towards unknown dimensions could also have been the inspiration for the new masterpiece by British-German media/performance collective Gob Squad. We experience three live-films simultaneously on the big screen which show the media image of what is actually going on behind the screen. A partly comical philosophy in the best sense about past and future, about media images and myths, about life as such by means of the re- and deconstruction of such epochal films as "Kitchen", "Sleep" and "Eat" by Andy Warhol.
An epochal piece of work that goes so far as that the actors in Gob Squad replace, reproduce and extinguish themselves in magical ways at the end. This is one of those productions that will still move the world in 50 years’ time – by then probably as mythical as Andy Warhol himself. SEE IT!