This is an absolute gem of a show. It’s a live magic act of sorts, and one of the most enjoyable such feats I’ve ever seen at the theater.
Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
Gob Squad skip fearlessly along the thin line between fiction and reality... a moving meditation on the nature of self and the unknowability
of the past.
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
They create an oddly beautiful and compelling world, willfully questioning and undermining the audience/performer dynamic, engaging the idea that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Gob Squad condenses time and folds it in on itself. Remarkable. Amazing. Totally transcendent and, sadly, over. 
culturbot, USA
Gob Squad engage us in masterful dance between the historical and the contemporary... thoroughly entertaining, full of irony and intelligence.
Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin
Andy Warhol would have loved it. He would have taken the cast and made a movie out of it. 
History News Network
A brilliant show, full of wit, life and humanity.
Der Standard, Vienna
A must-see show…mesmerizing, intellectually rigorous, laugh-out-loud funny.
NY Press
Gob Squad’s Kitchen is smart, witty and constantly entertaining — a wonderful integration of film and theater.
New York Post
A deftly orchestrated and very funny layering of reality, fiction, historicity and futurity. 
Time Out New York