Buy it all on Gob Squad's very own shopping channel

Gob Squad's first work for the art market puts the sum of Gob Squad members' abilities up for sale on their very own shopping channel. By calling a number an order can be placed which will be fulfilled by the artists at a later date.


Performed and devised by: Johanna Freiburg, Alex Large, Sean Patten, Liane Sommers, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom 
Video/Graphics: Alex Large
Commissioned by: "Berlin Berlin"/berlin biennale, Berlin, D 
First exhibited: 18.6.1998 (Sean Kelly Gallery, New York, USA)
Further exhibited: "Berlin Berlin"/berlin biennale, Berlin, D (1998), Trampoline, Nottingham, UK (1998); Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK (1999); Venlo, NL (1999); Angel Row Gallery (2000); Living On Video – 10 years of Gob Squad; Volksbühne im Prater, Berlin, D (2005)