I Love You, Goodbye (The Brexit Edition)

How could you say Ich liebe dich, when you never actually understood my culture?

We are products of history, you and I. We are the outcome of decisions made in special councils, debating chambers, bedrooms and boardrooms. Pledged to be wed before we had even laid eyes on each other, like royal houses that after centuries of fighting, marry off their childrem to each other (Hannover, Wetting, Windsor and Saxe Coburg).  In the name of “Never Again” it was our destiny to be together.

When we met at the university exchange, you and I, we both ended up sitting together in the identity politics class where it was love at first sight. We believed it was us that were making the choices, that we were in the driving seat. All the choices that we made, we saw as part of who we were rather than some prearranged destiny.

Your exotic ways were novel, your knowledge of foreign language films and your wild desire to get naked anywhere was both shocking and exciting.  You loved my sense of humour and my cheap taste in fashion… Oh and your accent! Our differences gave us decades of amusement and fascination.

In fact on the subject of language, what does the word Heimat precisely mean?

But in the meantime, history moved on, and everything changed behind our backs…

At midnight on the 29th of March 2019, the United Kingdom will officially leave the European Union. This is true at the time we are writing this, but anything could happen and as is the world at the moment, none of us really know what is going to happen next.  

Gob Squad are a German/British group that came into being through meeting on university exchanges in the nineties.  You could say we are the children of the European dream.  Time to reflect on the two sides of midnight.

A production by Gob Squad and HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin.