Gob Squad Arts Collective
Developed and performed by:
Johanna Freiburg
Sean Patten
Sharon Smith
Berit Stumpf
Sarah Thom
Bastian Trost
Simon Will
Editor: Sharon Smith
Edit consultant: Ute Schall
Sound: Jeff McGrory
Colour grading: Carsten Görtz
Production assistant: Hilde Tuinstra
Interns: Annelies Puddy, Alfredo Martins
Gob Squad producer: Eva Hartmann
Thanks to all the shop assistants and security guards who turned a blind eye during the making of this film
LIVE LONG AND PROSPER is a Gob Squad production.
Financial support from Berliner Kulturverwaltung.
First screening: 3.12.2009 at HAU Berlin/ Germany.