online performance


Where: websites and chatrooms 
How long: 2 weeks
The Finalists are four entities, which reside exclusively in the Internet. The figures make themselves accessible to the user, through their personal homepage, which changes sequentially during the period of 10 days, from their original state to their self-destruction. Chat events and a message board invite interaction. The finale takes place as a simultaneous webstream.
Concept: Gob Squad/Miles Chalcraft, Anette Schäfer
Performed and devised by: Sean Patten, Liane Sommers, Sarah Thom, Simon Will
Technical realisation: Miles Chalcraft
Web design & Graphic design: Anette Schäfer
Co-producer/: Winning project of the international competition Webscene, initiated by SpielArt-Festival, Munich, in co-operation with Stadtforum and Medienforum Munich (D) and Ars Electronica, Linz (A)
First presented: 17.11. 2001 (SpielArt - Festival, München, D)
Further presentations: Ars Electronica, Linz, A (2001); Blue Rodeo, Podewil Berlin, D (2001)