1000 pieces of bread are politely toasted to various shades of brown to make portraits of the famous and the infamous.

Large scale images of famous or infamous people are rendered using 1000 slices of rare, medium and burnt toast – each piece a pixel in a mosaic.
As the picture emerges, and the air fills with smoke, the performers chat to their audience and ask them to lend a hand. The conversation inevitably turns from toasted sandwich preferences to the function of art, the history or legacy of the individual being to@sted and whether it is possible to capture ones personality in an image. Toasted personalities have included The Queen Mother, politician Ann Widdecombe; Sigmund Jähn, the first German in space; Red Army Faction terrorist, Ulrike Meinhof; artist Joseph Beuys; Nintendo star, Super Mario; Guantanomo prisoner, Murat Kurnaz and footballer Alex Frei.
Tea is served.