Durational performance and installation

A is for Alien
B is for Border 
C is for Can I Come in? 
D is for Depends on what you Do for a living? 
E is for European Union 
F is for Foreigner 
G is for Get me out of here
H is for Help me I'm Hungry.....

An intrepid explorer with walkie talkie, web cam and weatherballoon goes off the beaten track in search of answers, they undertake dialogues with passers-by trying to establish where Home is.
Meanwhile back in basecamp a cartographer and documentor watch and eavesdrop, building up a picture of what’s out there. Their search results in the production of a “model” of the world that floats on water: a free flowing map that documents the homes of people across geographical and temporal boundaries. The map is in permanent flux, like human geography. Someone's home in the suburbs of Paris floats past someone elses coast of Ethiopia. In an increasingly homogenous and globalised world, Gob Squad apply scientific poetry to make a map about something very personal.
Where: base camp
Who: 1 Explorer, 1 Cartographer, 1 Documenter
How Long: Ongoing
What: Gob Squad is looking for home: a place or an idea, it seems, that everyone regardless of social status or wealth is able to identify.
Why: ?
"Welcome to our world, built with you in mind"  toured as part of a wider project called A-tipis, an outdoor project initiated by the Gent production house Victoria in collaboration with the Oerol Festival (NL), Forma (UK) and Parc de la Villette (F).
It was produced in collaboration with Plan B performance and Miles Chalcraft.