The Gob Squad education programme
Gob Squad give lectures and run workshops and masterclasses lasting from a few hours to several days for up to 15 people. Participants can be from performance, video and visual arts backgrounds.
The workshops focus on making collaborative site-based work culminating in low-key presentations. Using a hands-on approach Gob Squad demystify our working process and share our experiences with the participants, encouraging them to play with the tools and vocabulary that the company uses to produce work. 
Participants are encouraged to think intuitively, initially favouring visual and sensual responses before interpretation and analysis. Workshops address themes such as: what it means to be present in your work, choosing a site, setting time and space constraints, sharing skills, methods of research, interaction with the public within site-based work, the use of text (both spoken and written) and the use of video and sound as tools in the devising and making process.
We tend to run half a dozen workshops a year, mostly alongside touring performances. Workshops are publicised on this website, as well as on facebook and twitter.