(Part 1: The Annie Lennox Project)


Durational performance and installation
Where: a gallery space
How long: 3 hours performance, followed by installation with video of the event and 5 life-size cut-outs of the artists Created for gallery spaces, internationally renowned celebrities are forced to celebrate an occasion of Gob Squad‘s choice. Part 1: Annie Lennox’s Birthday, sees Annie taped into the corner of a gallery. In a grotto of Annie fan mail, Annie drawings, Annie balloons and Annie dolls, fans are able to make and present birthday cards for her under the watchful and caring eye of Gob Squad.
Performed and devised by: Johanna Freiburg, Alex Large, Annie Lennox, Sean Patten, Liane Sommers, Berit Stumpf, Simon Will
Sound: Alex Large
First performance: 9.9.2000 (Galerie Arndt & Partner Berlin, D); Associated Kunstherbst Berlin, D